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May is upon us, which mean moving season is kicking into gear. Summer represents the busiest time of the year for moving companies, with most residential moves taking place during this period, which is why May is officially National Moving Month!

With an increase in movers this time of the year companies are inundated with inquires and requests, but it also leads to an increase in complaints from disgruntled customers that hired a less than stellar moving company.

Sadly, there are many unreliable moving companies out there and you could end up on the wrong end of a bad moving experience because of this. From missing and broken items to inflated prices and hidden fees, there’s many reasons to avoid untrustworthy companies!

Check out these tips to ensure you get an honest, reliable moving company:


Never use an unlicensed moving company, as it is a clear indicator that they are not the most reliable. You can check and verify any licenses via the Department of Transportation, as they have a database on their website of all licensed interstate moving companies.

Those moving within their state may not require licensing should the company not operate between states, but they most legitimate businesses will have some form of certification. Contact your local state moving association for information about licenses to look for.


A recommendation from a friend or colleague is one of the easier ways to get an idea of how reputable a company is. However, this can be easier said than done if you don’t know anyone that has moved recently!

Online references can be quite useful in this regard, especially for getting verification on a mover’s certification and licenses. Be sure to check online review sites that are independent from the business (such as Yelp), as well as checking their own social media feeds for more honest reviews.

Written Estimates

After finding some trustworthy recommendations, you should have a few potential candidates. This is when it’s a good time to get an estimate from each of them to help determine the rates they charge.

An estimate should include a list of all the possessions you want moved, including anything in storage, and be sure to avoid including anything that will not be getting moved as it could increase your estimate.

Never accept an estimate that isn’t written, as no legitimate moving company provides a verbal estimate over the phone or by email. Written estimates should clearly show all the charges for the move, helping to avoid hidden fees and charges that many unreliable companies will charge.

Clarify Insurance

Moving companies offer different degrees of insurance coverage. For instance, some may only offer repairs while others provide full replacements or cash settlements that allow you to get these done yourself.

Be sure to clarify what insurance they provide and make the best decision based on this – full value protection may provide more peace of mind but will cost more, while basic replacement is cheaper but offers less amounts in pay outs should damage occur.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

There are many common red flags that indicate an unreliable moving company, so it can be good to have an idea of these to help make an informed decision. These include:

  • Low estimates provided over the phone – these are usually too good to be true.
  • Demands for large deposits or cash payments prior to the move
  • A website with no company address and a lack of general info regarding insurance, licenses etc.
  • A company that says every item is covered by their insurance
  • Moving trucks that do not carry any logo/name or the name has changed from what you expected.

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Moving house is always going to be a stressful time, and things can feel even worse when you add pets into the equation. Moving with your dog in particular brings many challenges, including keeping your furry friend calm and happy throughout the duration of the move whilst also trying to stay on of all your other responsibilities.

Thankfully there are many ways to ease the burden of moving house with your dog! Whether it’s a long-distance or short-distance move, there’s a number of tricks worth using to help make things easier for everyone involved!

Keep as calm as you can in front of your dog

Dogs are very aware of how their owners are feeling, and when things aren’t going well for the owner this often causes the dog to act out as well. This has never been more apparent with the stresses of moving, and the last thing you need when trying to keep calm is dealing with a very antsy dog!

Keeping calm despite all the possible stresses of moving day is in the best interests for everyone. Not only will it help you keep a cool head and not get too worked up, but your dog will also remain much calmer, meaning he will be much easier to deal with throughout the various points of the move.

If you feel you aren’t going to manage this, it can be a good idea to get a friend or family member to keep an eye on your pet during the most stressful parts of the move, even if it’s just taking them for a walk while you try to gather your thoughts!

Try to maintain their routine as much as possible

Dogs are creatures of habit. They have all kinds of different daily routines, and you may not even notice them yourself. From walking to regular spots to getting fed a certain time, dogs often have a very regular routine that should be maintained as much as possible during a move.

Granted worrying about this may the last thing on your mind when trying to organise a move, but it is worth remembering that skipping parts of their routine can lead to your dog getting nervous and stressed out – they are most comfortable when sticking to their routines.

Needless to say, the last thing you need during a stressful move is dealing with an anxious dog, as it is only going to add to your problems. So, try to maintain the patterns of their routine as best you can, such as walking and feeding them close to their standard time, as it will help them keep calm and reduce the chances of anxiety.

Plan the transport in advance

When it actually comes to moving day, you will want to have every part of your dog’s travel schedule planned out. This includes what they will be getting transported in (e.g. a crate or some other equipment), what toys you will bring for them, whether or not they might require alternate transportation, and planning stops for them to stretch their legs and get a drink.

Go for a big walk prior to the move

A tired dog is the best type of moving dog, as it will ensure they remain relaxed and will be fully cooperative throughout the moving process. This means taking a nice extended walk before you set off is a great idea for movers and their dogs.

Also, a long commute means your dog will need to get as much exercise as possible so they don’t start exhibiting destructive behavior during the move!

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Mardi Gras is the name given to the massively popular Christian holiday that is celebrated throughout the world. It comes with many names, such as Carnival and Shrove Tuesday, and the history of the celebration dates back thousands of years.

The biggest Mardi Gras festivities begin on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, although many parades and celebrations occur in the lead up to Lent season – this is known as Mardi Gras season, which often begins weeks in advance of Mardi Gras.

Celebrations are wide and varied depending on the location, although most involve carnivals, parades, balls, and other festivities. Most involve input from krewes. These are social groups that organize and take part in the parades, with each krewe designing their own themed costumes and floats for the celebrations.

In the United States, the most prominent Mardi Gras Celebrations take place in New Orleans, Louisiana. The city celebrates the holiday like no other place in the country, with massive public gatherings enjoying the various festivities on show.

History of Mardi Gras in the US

It’s widely believed that the first ever Mardi Gras in America occurred on March 3, 1699. During this time, French explorers landed in the area now known as Louisiana, only a few dozen miles from the now famous epicenter of US Mardi Gras celebrations – New Orleans.

At this time, only a minor celebration took place, coining it as Point du Mardi Gras. The celebration quickly became a local tradition over the years, with local French settlements honoring the occasion with street parties, masked parades, and over indulging in foods prior to Lent.

In fact, Mardi Gras is French for ‘Fat Tuesday’, referring to the practice of eating rich foods on the day before Lent, where ritual fasting officially begins in the lead-up to Easter.

After Spanish occupation of New Orleans many years later, the now wild and raunchy celebrations were forbidden, leading to a ban on Mardi Gras until 1812 when Louisiana became an official state.

The celebrations would eventually return in 1827 when a group of students adorned themselves in vibrant outfits to celebrate Mardi Gras, taking inspiration from festivities they witness during a visit to Paris.

Ten years after this, the first official record of a Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans occurred – and have continued to do so to this day!

Local Mardi Gras Celebrations

As Mardi Gras is an important celebration for many Christians (particularly for Roman-Catholics), the celebrations are not just limited to New Orleans and Louisiana. In fact, you can easily find Mardi Gras celebrations throughout the United States!

Of course, for anyone looking to celebrate a wild and crazy Mardi Gras, you really cannot beat visiting New Orleans. However, nearby locations such as Mobile, Alabama (which is home to oldest annual Carnival) and St. Louis, Missouri are certainly worth checking out.

However, there’s nothing stopping you from finding out any local celebrations at nearby churches or social clubs organizing parades that could be taking place. Given how long Mardi Gras parades and festivals can run for, you should have plenty of time to find some sort of celebration – you just might need to look further afield!

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What is the MLK Day of Service?

The Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service is part of the president’s national call to service initiation, United We Stand, where individuals up and down the nation come together to serve their communities and neighborhoods on the King Holiday.

It is the only federal holiday that is viewed as a national day of service: ‘A day on, not a day off’

Volunteers nationwide serve thousands of local projects in honor of the life and teachings of Dr King, with the goal to provide community service that will strengthen the bond of these local communities and empower all individuals.

These projects vary in scale and size, from smaller local activities with a few volunteers to large-scale events featuring thousands of individuals.

This year’s event will take place Monday, January 16.

Why Should You Serve?

Dr King’s vision of the Beloved Community was built on the dream of an America where people from all walks of life work together and apply the principles of nonviolence to create a more peaceful, happier and better place to live.

The MLK Day of Service is a way to honor that vision, using the teachings and life of Dr King to try and help solve ongoing social issues. Americans from every background converge together on this day to celebrate the life of Dr King by volunteering for service projects that can make his dream a reality.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of something special like that?

Volunteer Opportunities in Austin

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout Austin, Texas for MLK Day of Service, from small local events to larger operations involving thousands.

United Way for Greater Austin and Keep Austin Beautiful Again are both recruiting for volunteers!

For instance, the MLK Boulevard Clean Up is open to volunteers of all ages, while the Little Helping Hands is hosting a fair that is ideal for families with young children looking to contribute. Signups are required for certain events, so be sure to do so if there is a particular event you want to volunteer for!

Furthermore, there are various other volunteer opportunities for teens and adults throughout the community, including clean ups, food donation drives, and garden volunteering. Age restrictions may apply for certain projects, so be sure to check this before signing up!

Looking for something different? There are so many opportunities to help in many different ways, such as helping at-risk foster youth, which is being organized by HRC and Lifeworks Austin and requires the donation of items as well as time donated in the shape of volunteers!

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The holiday season is a time for celebration with friends and family, where everyone comes together and indulges in fun festivities, namely eating and drinking plenty!

Unfortunately, this means that the holidays are one of the toughest periods of the year for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as many people are guilty of over-eating and drinking a little too much, which is why weigh gain is such a common occurrence during the holidays!

Research shows that over-eating during the holidays can lead to 1-2 pounds of weight gain, with many people never losing this after the holidays. Add this up over many years and it can lead to substantial weight gain!

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t impossible during the holidays, it’s just about taking the best approach, and these tips should make that bit easier!

Don’t Give Up Exercise

Working out during the holidays often becomes an afterthought. This makes sense given the more hectic nature of this time of the year, but completely dropping your fitness regime is never a good idea.

There’s nothing wrong with working out less over the holidays, just make sure you squeeze some time in here and there, even if it’s just going for a 20 minute walk each day. No only will this help keep the weight off, but also reduce stress levels that are common place during the holidays!

Keep Your Mind on the Fun, not the Food

Yes, the holidays are traditionally accompanied by a fantastic range of foods for everyone to enjoy, but its more so about having a fun time with the people you love – the food is just a nice bonus!

Try to focus on all the fun traditions that are special for you at this time of the year. Whether its decorating the tree or going out carolling, be sure to pay attention to all the fun holiday rituals rather than just the all the great food!

Enjoy the Best Treats Rather Than Every Treat

There will be no shortage of decadent treats during the holidays. The best way to avoid over-indulging is to give yourself something great to enjoy, that way your cravings will be satisfied. Depriving yourself of tasty treats just makes you more likely to cave and overeat!

So instead of eating all the standard store-bought treats, only eat those really special or traditional treats that friend or loved one has spent time making. You will likely know what you enjoy best, so look forward to that rather than just eating everything in sight!

Have Healthy Meals on Standby

The holidays will present you will all manner of activities and errands that will take time away from your healthy eating plan. As a result, healthy meals tend to become less of a focus, which is understandable as you are probably out shopping, decorating the home, or just spending time with your family.

However, it’s worth prepping a few healthy options in advance and placing them in the freezer. It makes maintaining a healthier diet that bit more manageable as you can easily pop something in the microwave for those busy days during the holidays where you don’t have time to make something!


Additional figures came from the following source: http://www.cdc.gov/stroke/facts.htm

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With only weeks until the holiday season gets into full swing, traveling far and wide to celebrate these special holidays with loved ones is as much as tradition as craving the turkey or decorating the tree.

Whether you have moved far from your family or are aiming to enjoy a getaway for the holidays, millions of Americans will undergo lots of traveling over the next two months. More than 80% of all holiday travelers make the journey by automobile, so it’s important to take the necessary safety precautions for winter travel.

Here’s some top travel safety trips for over the holiday season:

Make Sure Your Home is Safe and Secure Before You Leave

Yes, before you even step into the vehicle for a long-haul journey, be mindful of how safe and secure you leave your home. For those with security systems, make sure everything is in working order, including any alarms, cameras and motion sensors.

Otherwise simply prepare the home as if you are leaving any other time. Lock all doors and windows and make sure they are adequately secured. Additionally, ask a neighbor or nearby friend to check your home a few times while you are gone – this is especially important for those that will be away for a number of weeks.

Check Your Vehicle

When it comes to long distance driving over the holiday seasons, one of the biggest safety issues relates to automobile trouble. Nobody wants to spend time during the holidays stuck on the side of a road waiting for a tow truck in freezing conditions, but many will simply because they forgot to prepare their vehicle.

Other problems such as a burst tire can create a big hazard for drivers, so its vitally important to check your vehicle for any potential issues. There are things you can check yourself, such as checking the tires for air pressure and damage to the treads, inspecting the battery, anti-freeze, brakes, headlights, and windows.

However, some may feel more at ease taking it to a mechanic for an inspection and service. Those traveling longer distances could certainly benefit from this, especially if driving an older car. Furthermore, ensure relative equipment has been brought too, including a car jack, jumper cables, a lug wrench, and spare tire.

Prepare for Icy Roads

Depending on where you live and where you are traveling too, there is a strong likelihood of icy roads. These are one of the biggest safety concerns for travelers on the roads, so if you aren’t sure of how to deal with driving in these conditions be sure to do some research.

Some common ways to drive safer on icy roads is by reducing your overall speed, driving after snow plows and sanding trucks have treated the roads, and driving with enough space to give you enough room for an emergency stop.

Plan Your Journey

Just with any sort of travel, planning is vitally important for safety. The holidays create many different travel conditions, particularly with larger numbers of vehicles on the roads. Highways can face traffic jams, roadworks and construction, or be closed due to severe weather.

This is why its important to prepare in advance. For one, you should give yourself some extra time when you travel to compensate for any potential setbacks on the road. Research the route if you are unsure of it, and always have an alternate planning in case of emergency. Smartphones with GPS systems can be great for this!

Better still, if you want to avoid traffic, giving yourself an extra day or two to travel can help. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year create busy traveling conditions mostly on the days before, during and after the actual holiday, so plan accordingly if possible.

Include Rest Stops

One of the most important parts of planning your travel is to accommodate time for rests. Long drives are made that bit more dangerous by fatigued drivers, so always be prepared to stop and rest when necessary.

Even short breaks every few hours from driving that let you stretch your legs can make a big difference for drivers. Better still, if you have multiple drivers, plan stops where you can switch driving duties to save more time.

Respect Your Fellow Travelers

It’s the holidays, so most people are out there traveling just the same as you. While it can be stressful at times, try to avoid working against your fellow drivers, as everyone has the same goal here.

Be extra careful not to drive too close to other drivers, particularly on raids that have been affected by the weather conditions. Follow the rules of the road to the letter – don’t drive over the speed limit, try not to go too slow that it impedes others, NEVER get distracted by your cell phone.

This is also why making sure your vehicle is in working order is important. It’s not just your safety that could be at risk there, its countless travelers’ too!

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Best Food Trailers in Austin http://www.heavenlycaremoving.com/best-food-trailers-austin/ Mon, 10 Oct 2016 13:53:28 +0000 http://www.heavenlycaremoving.com/?p=908 The post Best Food Trailers in Austin appeared first on Heavenly Care Moving.


If there is one thing that Austin knows, it’s food trailers. In fact, if you are aiming to delve into the culinary offerings of the city, you simply have to check out some of the incredible food trailers found throughout Austin, Texas.

With more than 1,000 trucks offering all manner of delectable foods, you won’t have to travel far in Austin to get a taste of something new. From Thai to tacos, pizzas to barbecues, or seafood to sandwiches, you can find all your favorite meals being served on wheels!

Just be ready to queue, as the lines for these food trucks can get quite long – but we guarantee it’s well worth the wait!


A new addition to Austin’s food truck line-up situated at East Eleventh, Paperboy has been attracting quite the following, with hungry customers frequenting it for some sublime breakfast food to get their day started.

A lovely patio makes for a great seating area, where you can enjoy fresh coffee and any number of well-priced breakfast foods.

Popular items include the various hash bowls, sweet toasts, and sandwiches – the B.E.C (bacon, egg, pimento cheese on brioche bread) in particular is worth mentioning.


Whisler’s is a popular bar known for its mouth-watering cocktails and laid-back atmosphere, with a cool patio area that is ideal for unwinding with a few drinks with your friends. Better still, Tha-Kun is located right outside serving some of the best Thai cuisine in Austin.

Fans of spicy food will love their beef panang curry or waterfall pork, with these dishes carrying quite the reputation for their fiery bite. Milder offerings such as the peanut curry with grilled bread or beef with black noodles may go down a bit better for anyone that has had a few cocktails from Whisler’s!

La Barbecue

It wouldn’t be proper to list the best Austin food trailers without giving a mention to a barbecue specialist! Meat lovers needn’t look further than La Barbecue, a vibrant yellow food truck located at East Cesar Chavez, which offers some of the most succulent smoked meats served from a mobile kitchen.

Expect to find the usual fare here, including ribs, brisket, BBQ sandwiches, pulled pork, and all manner of meaty delights. Make sure to get there before 6pm, as service stops then or possibly earlier should everything sell out.

Garbo’s Lobster Truck

Being a landlocked city, Austin doesn’t have the strongest presence of seafood cuisine among their food trailers, making Garbo’s Lobster Truck all the more inviting.

Founded by a native of New England, the seafood sandwiches here are have a distinct north-eastern style to them, with them either being drenched in butter or with mayonnaise, lemon and celery.

The trucks actually have no fixed location, so you will need to visit their website to find out where they are hitting. Their lobster rolls are seriously worth traveling for though, and with specialties such as lobster mac and cheese also available, visiting Garbo’s Lobster Truck won’t leave you disappointed.

Via 313

While there are countless food trailers in Austin specializing in pizza, none of them offer anything quite as indulgent as Via 313’s Detroit-style pizza.

A square slice of pizza with a thick doughy base, caramelized cheese around the edges, and ample lashings of tomato sauce on sitting atop the toppings of your choice, Via 313 is the place to hit for some incredible pizza.

There are actually two Via 313 trucks, one located on near Craft Pride Rainy Street, and the other being situated right outside Violet Crown Social Club on Sixth Street – ideal locations for enjoying a beer along with your slice pizza!

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One of the first that you should when moving is to create a budget. Moving homes, be it long or short distance, will always be an expensive undertaking. Not everyone is fully aware of just how much a move can end up costing, and those that have budget planned out in advance are even more likely to spend more.

Even the smallest expenses add up, so creating a sticking to a budget is very important for anyone moving, as it ensures that the money spent will not get too excessive and can help to save money in the long-term.

Here’s how you can create and stick to your moving budget:

Begin by Estimating Your Budget

The most important way to start planning your budget is my trying to estimate how much you can afford to spend. While this will likely change throughout the planning stage, it helps to provide a better idea of what you can spend on your move, helping to plan it out.

For example, knowing how much you can afford to spend can determine whether or not you can afford to hire a moving company or will need to hire a truck and do much of it yourself.

Create a Template Document

Finding a budget template for moving is so easy. Simply head online to find one or just make on of your own using programs like Microsoft Word or Excel (the latter of which can actually help calculate costs!)

A good template should cover the various categories of moving and how much of your budget is dedicated to each. For instance, moving supplies, transport fees, hiring costs are good are common categories of a moving budget.

Create Two Columns – One for Estimated Budget Costs and the Second for Actual Costs

Any budget document should have two columns, the first of which is done when you are creating it. This will allow you to track the estimate the costs for each category and eventually fill in what the actual cost are – this can be great for helping you to maintain your budget or stick as close to it as possible.

Some aspects of your budget will cost more than you originally plan and this is perfectly fine.  Should this happen, you can try to see if costs can be reduced in another area of your budget. Even before you move it is a good idea to review this to see if any areas of your budget could be reorganized to save some money (e.g. spend less on supplies and more on transport)

Anticipate Hidden Expenses

Hidden expenses will almost always occur during a move. The best way to avoid overspending on these is to work it into your budget under hidden or unexpected expenses. This ensures your spending on this expense isn’t more than you can afford, which ruins your budget completely.

It could be any number of things that lead to this, from fuel costing more than you thought to having to pay more on the security deposit for your new home.

Anticipating these is the best way to make sure you do not spend more than needed on hidden costs that are likely to occur at some point.

Sell Old Clutter and Junk to Increase Your Budget

Does your budget keep exceeding what you can afford or want to spend? Then kill two birds with one stone by selling any junk and clutter from your home before the move. This will mean less stuff to organize, pack and move, which will result in a much less stressful time!

Better still, if you manage to sell some stuff on eBay, Craigslist, or in a yard sale, you can put those extra dollars into your budget!

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Tips for Minimizing Your Stress When Moving Homes http://www.heavenlycaremoving.com/tips-minimizing-stress-moving-homes/ Wed, 31 Aug 2016 21:29:50 +0000 http://www.heavenlycaremoving.com/?p=895 The post Tips for Minimizing Your Stress When Moving Homes appeared first on Heavenly Care Moving.


Anyone that has ever moved house will be able to tell you one thing is a certainty – things will get stressful. It’s an inevitability, but when you consider everything that is required to uproot your home and relocate to another, it is perfectly understandable.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to minimize the stress, far from it in fact! There are plenty of handy tips and tricks that you can use throughout the moving process, from the early planning stages to the move of the big day itself.

Here are some great tips for minimizing your stress when homes:

Make the Most of Your Time

There will be a point where the move has been officially confirmed and the countdown begins. It varies from each individual, but nine times out of ten most of us will have plenty of notice prior to the day of the move.

Be sure to make the most of this time! Use it to organize as best you can, which is why around 12-8 weeks are best advised. This should provide ample time to hire the necessary movers or arrange for the planning, packing, and moving of your belongings yourself. It will make things far less stressful leading up to your moving day!

Be Ruthless with Your Belongings

No matter how much or how little you own in the way of personal belongings, you will be able to get rid of some stuff before you pack things up for the move. The more clutter and things you need to pack, the more stressful your move is going to be.

Get rid of that clutter and junk that you have been meaning to for so long! Three basic piles can make getting rid of stuff even easier – toss, donate and sell.

Sell what you don’t need on sites such as eBay, Craigslist, or even your social media accounts. Donate everything to Goodwill and other charity shops, and enjoy tossing out everything else (be sure to recycle of course!)

Be sure to empty your fridge and pantry too – that includes all the booze!

Take Plenty of Time Off

Obviously you will need some time off from work and any commitments you have so you can move, but don’t hold back with your time off! Packing is one of the biggest stresses of moving, so having lots of free time to be able to plan and then pack everything will make things go that bit smoother come the big day.

It allows you to focus on each task that you will want to tackle, so make sure you get some time off work and ask a friend to look after your kids if need be (hire a babysitter if you cannot find anyone with this!)

Get Your Friends and Family to Help

Most of us can remember a point where we helped a friend or family member move. If so, be sure to recall the favor as you will want to enlist some mates help! Getting help from others can be a big stress reliever as it will share the workload and lighten the already stressful load you are carrying!

We don’t mean just on the day of the move, but throughout the entire process – it means you can get help from those ‘busy’ people that can’t help on the day of the move!

Look for help packing, planning, and moving, and of course be sure to pay them with some takeout, a few drinks, or any other treats as a thank you for their time.

Be Sure to Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

A lack of sleep will make you feel fatigued, moody, and of course stressed – so be sure to get lots of sleep before the move and leading up to it!

While it may seem you have so much to do and therefore need to sacrifice a few hours’ sleep, it will just make things that bit tougher, as trying to plan and execute a move on nothing but coffee and willpower isn’t going to be pleasant!

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Preparing for Your Move – Everything You Should Know http://www.heavenlycaremoving.com/preparing-move-everything-know/ Tue, 26 Jul 2016 17:16:54 +0000 http://www.heavenlycaremoving.com/?p=880 Anyone that has ever moved homes will likely confirm just how stressful it can be. From organization to the move itself, there is a lot work required to successfully pull off moving house, and even then there will likely be a few bumps along the way. This is why properly preparing for your move is […]

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Anyone that has ever moved homes will likely confirm just how stressful it can be. From organization to the move itself, there is a lot work required to successfully pull off moving house, and even then there will likely be a few bumps along the way.

This is why properly preparing for your move is a must, as it can reduce the stresses involved with a move and make transitioning into your new home that bit easier. Let’s take a look at everything you should know to help prepare for a successful move:

Start Planning Well in Advance

The actual moving can often end up the simplest part of a move, especially when prepared well in advance. Sit down a few months before you are due to move and set everything out in a plan. Do whatever that works best for you, be it to do lists, color-coding tasks in order of importance, or visualizing how you would actually move everything.

Take a walk through your home and note where things are, anything that could be left, as well as ensuring all the right paperwork will be handled well before you start moving anything.

Work Out Whether You Are Hiring Professionals or Not

Now it is certainly possible to move homes without the help of professional moving company, but if you can afford it, you will find the move will be a far less stressful event. Of course hiring professionals isn’t cheap, so knowing your budget will be important (more on that soon!)

If you are deciding to move on your own, bear in mind that there will still be expenses, although it will be much cheaper in any case. You will need to arrange for getting help to load supplies onto the moving van too, as doing so yourself will be a nightmare!

Establish Your Budget

Moving homes will not be cheap, so it is important to know how much of a budget you are working with. This will give an idea of whether you can hire a moving company, the amount of packing supplies you will be able to afford, or how much travel costs (for things like gas and hiring a truck) would be if moving on your own.

Without planning your budget, expenses can get quickly pile up, so this can be great for keeping your spending in control as you have already established how much money you can afford to dedicate to your move. The distance of your move and how much personal belongings are being moved can also impact the overall costs, so preparing this in advance will mean you have a clear idea of how much the move will cost.

Try to Take Inventory of All Your Goods

As the move approaches, you should have a rough idea of what you will be taking with you if you have planned ahead, but to actually know for sure what is staying and going can be quite difficult especially if you are still unsure.

This is why you should create an inventory of everything, including what is coming, what can be left, and anything you are unsure of. While it is more of a time consumer that making rough lists or notes, it can be a massive help in better understanding how much will be getting moved, which in turn can help better establish the cost of the move and the time and effort required to make it happen.

Get Help Whenever You Can

When moving on your own, it can be a nightmare to get things done without a little help, so try to get some friends or family in on the move to help things go down smoothly. Even if you are hiring a moving company, you will need some help with packing and organizing, so don’t be afraid to get some help from anyone you can.

Trying to get someone to help for an entire day (or several) can be quite the task, so try getting help from as many people as possible, even if some can only help for an hour here or there – many hands make light work after all!

Just make sure you are rewarding them with something nice to eat like a pizza, as they are giving their time to help you out, it is a well-known piece of moving etiquette!

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