Moving homes is rarely stress-free, perhaps even more so during long-distance moves. Not only do you have all the stress associated with a short-distance move, you have even more distance to travel, meaning more time to worry about the move!

One the easiest ways to reduce the difficulties of a long-distance move is to hire the right moving company. For us, that means choosing a local moving company, mainly because you stand to gain a few benefits of hiring locally.

*With non-local companies, there are usually multiple companies involved. One to load, one to drive, one to unload. That means that 3 different companies can point fingers at the 2 other companies that were part of the process. This also means “the buck stops” no where. With a single, local company, it is beneficial because there is no finger pointing about who did what if something were to go wrong along the way and you KNOW who’s in control of your whole life’s possessions every step of the way.

Helping Your Local Community

You may be leaving your current neighborhood behind and traveling some distance, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide a final thank you to your community. Hiring locally means you are helping a local business that hires people from your local community.

It’s a small gesture that will mean a lot to any company you choose – why give the money to massive corporation when you could provide income for a local business?

Competitive Prices

By serving a much smaller area than other companies, local movers tend to offer much more competitive prices. Also, their operating costs are generally much lower than a bigger company, and their rates usually reflect this.

Of course, some local moving companies will only be able to operate within a certain vicinity, so be sure to consider the distance of your move when looking for local movers.


Any business operating on a smaller scale than most of their competitors puts a lot of focus into their standard of service. After all, they rely much more on their reputation than national companies, meaning most local moving businesses will take a lot more care and effort organizing and completing your move.

Each one will be fully insured and licensed, while employees tend to carry years of experience, especially with family-run, local companies. Being held to a much higher standard means you can rely on them to provide you with a quality service that is often lacking with larger corporations.

Issues Are Easier To Resolve

One reason that moving is so stressful is that one seemingly small problem can snowball into a major issue. Whether it’s forgetting one box that had something incredibly important inside or expensive objects getting damaged in transit due to poor packing, anything that goes wrong during a move only heightens the stress of the entire process.

Should an issue arise with a local moving company, expect it to be resolved much quicker and easier than compared to a national moving company. For one thing, they have less clients to deal with so can address the problem promptly, while they care much more about damaging their reputation through poor business practices.