Moving is rarely a straight-forward process. Give the complexities of packing up your belongings and relocation homes, it’s little surprise that most moves require a lot of planning, packing, and transporting.

Moving companies are a great way to reduce the logistical nightmares that come with moving homes, providing expert moving services that make the entire process much easier and less stressful.

However, there is often a big issue when it comes to moving homes, even when using a professional moving company, which is the storage of items. It’s not always possible to move all possessions directly into a new property, so many families moving require somewhere to store the belongings for the time being.

There are many storage options available for movers, including using your moving company as your storage company, which offers a host of advantages that make it a worthwhile investment for those that require both moving and storage solutions.

Why Moving Homes Often Requires Storage

Before we get into the advantages of your moving company also being your storage company, it’s worth looking at why some people require storage when they move. There are several reasons why storage is needed during the moving process, with common examples including:

  • You need to wait a period before you move into your new home but the lease for your current home is up.
  • The new property is much smaller so there is less storage space but there are still belongings you want to hold onto.
  • Your move is over a long distance so you require more time to make the journey.
  • Conflicting travel schedules with the moving company means you cannot be there for their arrival at the new property
  • Short-notice moves where you have yet to find a new home

In these instances, it is always recommended that your moving company also doubles as your storage company, which is a common service offered by many of the country’s top moving companies.

The Advantages of Storing with a Moving Company

There are a host of reasons why it’s worth using a moving and storage company when relocating!

Added Convenience

When a moving company is also storing your possessions, there is much more convenience compared to using two separate companies for the task.

For instance, the moving company will professionally pack and wrap your belongings for transportation, with everything staying packed and sealed as they are stored. They pick up your items and drop them off at storage, while also dropping them off at your new property when you are ready.

Using separate companies means managing two different schedules, dealing with different packing methods, and possible issues with item restrictions.

With a company doing both services, there is less to worry about as they will move all your things to their own storage location, letting you focus on other aspects of the move. A single contract is also much easier to manage during the move. Furthermore, when a moving company doesn’t offer storage, there is no guarantee they will deliver your belongings to the storage facility. Some require you to do it personally and will only drop it at your new home, while you will need to pick everything up yourself if not using movers, which are obvious hassles you could do without.

Professional Service

Both moving and storing belongings is a complex process and many aren’t aware of the various challenges each one presents. For example, packing your belongings is not just time consuming but also difficult to organize, while packing incorrectly can lead to damaged or lost items during transit.

Plus, the entire process of moving them on and off the truck, organizing for storage, and then removing when you want them back is also very complex. With a professional moving and storage company, you don’t need to do any of these by yourself, getting invaluable assistance for perhaps the most difficult part of moving and storing possessions.

Save Money

In most cases, using a moving and storage company rather than two separate companies will save a fair amount of money, which is a big advantage considering the expensive nature of moving homes. While storage and moving rates differ, you will find that when using a single company for both services, the savings are quite notable.

A big reason for this is that you may need to use to methods of transport with separate companies, as not all moving companies deliver to storage locations, so a company that stores it themselves is always likelier to be cheaper.

Don’t waste money paying for several methods of transportation to move and store your belongings – let one firm take care of it all! Better still, package deals are common for moving and storage companies, so you may find a great deal that saves plenty of money.


A great benefit of using both storage and moving services from a single company is the flexibility it offers. Contracts are with the one company, so you won’t feel pressured into choosing a storage unit until you are ready to move.

When using two separate services, you may find that you’ve ordered too big or too small a storage unit, but because you are moving on a time schedule there is little time to adjust the contract. Companies that offer both services understand the complexities of moving and the need for flexible storage solutions.

This includes not committing to a specific size of storage until the day of the move and no forcing minimum or maximum stays, which is often the case with storage companies that don’t offer moving.

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